Lota De Castro is a real estate warrior. As soon as you sign with her, she puts on the gloves and gets right to work, fighting to not only get your place sold, but sold for the best price. And she doesn’t stop until that happens. We had two buyers fall through for our condo in the Beacon, but she was never deterred. She recommended we wait until the market was right. And when she said it was right, well, it was really right. The third buyer she found no only closed, but closed for our asking price plus some to cover all the other costs.

Beyond her incredible work ethic, she is also a wonderful human being. Always friendly and always patient, which is a great quality when you’re dealing with someone like me who has very limited knowledge of real estate and is always asking questions. She immediately returns texts and emails and we’ll talk you through something for as long as it takes until you feel comfortable.

And lastly, my favorite quality of Lota is her honesty. She is the first agent that gave it to me straight. Even when the news wasn’t great. And in those times, she always had a solution. And most of the time, that solution was to work even harder until she got what I was looking for.

I couldn’t be happier with the experience. If the rating system had another star to give, I’d give it.

- R. Chao

My wife and I first met Lota when were looking to rent a condo for which she was the listing agent. While, we didn't choose to rent that specific condo, our 30 minute interaction with Lota made quite an impression. She patiently understood what we were looking for and made alternate suggestions to help us. An year and a half later, when we were ready to buy, we short listed a few agents and Lota of course was one of them. After a round of meet-and-greet with each of the agents it was clear that Lota was the best fit. Her past experience working as a Civil engineer for the city, extensive knowledge of the city neighborhoods, her ability to listen and understand what we wanted, and her all-round affable personality made her an ideal choice.

During the course of finding and closing on our home, which was a harrowing experience (does anyone have a good experience buying in the city?), mostly because we were dealing with a half-mental sellers agent, we obviously got to know Lota much more and were extremely happy to have her on our team. You will need a mature and stable hand at the wheel to safely navigate the SF real estate scene which is just as bad as traffic in downtown Bangalore. You will need someone who knows how to deal with a crisis situation and can constantly think of possible solutions. You will need someone who has the right connections/contacts/friends within the industry (be it lenders, escrow office, other agents, inspection agents etc). Lota was all of that and much more. She understands the psyche of a first time buyer and knows exactly what to say and do at the right time. She spent endless hours explaining every last detail about the home buying process to us. No matter where she was and what was going on in her life (like holidays and such), she always got back to our email/text/call within 30 mins. We bought our home in december, and though Lota was away overseas holidaying with her family, she was always available.

Lota went above and beyond what we asked of her. Due to some mis-communication by the sellers agent, we were in a situation of being homeless! We had given up our rental condo (we gave notice and it was re-rented to new tenants)  and wouldn't get the new place for another couple weeks. Lota offered to put us up in an temporary condo at no cost to us. It didn't come to this, but her offer meant a great deal and it was one less thing for us to worry about. She stepped up and did several other things - picking/delivering keys/documents to us, working with the pervious tenants of the new place to get the mailbox key (which the sellers agent failed to do), working directly with the HoA of the new place to setup a move-in slot over the holidays, scheduling movers etc - all of this so that we could focus on the most important pieces while she dealt with all the other chores. 

Have no hesitation in working with Lota...you will be in good hands.

- Amit S.


I met Lota when she was selling the unit next to mine in a condo building near AT&T park. I had already half decided to sell my place and downsize my life a bit. She did a great job on getting multiple offers on the property and eventually closing one of them.

Meanwhile, she’d found a place for me to live temporarily in a short-sale property that was tied up in bank decision making. A one bedroom apartment in San Francisco for $1000/month is a steal.

Next we found a place I wanted to buy, another short sale with multiple offers, and came up with the winning strategy. So I ended up buying the first place I put an offer in on.

I would recommend her unqualifiedly.

- P. Mclellan


We met Lota at an Open House when we were “just looking” and not really feeling very serious about buying. A few days later she showed us a property that we ended up buying.

As first-time buyers we were completely clueless and anxiety-prone but Lota was our fearless guide through the whole process. She kept us informed (she’s NEVER away from her Blackberry), took the time to explain all the crazy legal stuff, met with us at all hours even on weekends, and handled many tough negotiations (competing offers, extending contracts, etc). She seems to be very well connected in the Real Estate world (including inspectors, mortgage brokers, etc) which helps make everything go smoothly and is completely INVALUABLE should some unexpected problem arise.

When we had a last second crisis with our mortgage broker, she completely rescued the situation. She connected us with other mortgage brokers and lenders who were able to rush through the process. She kept cool and organized through all the chaos. And she placated the seller so that we didn’t lose the whole deal. Talk about earning your commission! We truly couldn’t have done it without her.

- T. Macduff


I met Lota at a First Time Homebuyers Workshop and she kept in touch with me until I was ready to buy my first home one year later. Not pushing, just be very patient with me until I was ready. She was very attentive to my needs and never fell short of representing my best interest. With her help, my first purchase went very smoothly and I am sure that I will call on her again on my future real estate needs.

I approached her again two years later to help my fiancé and I find a single family home. Lota moved to a different office then and was servicing another area but she did not hesitate to help service our needs. After months of looking, we found a new development that we really liked and put an offer on it. Our house took 5 months to build and we were surprised that the developer built an underground utility structure in front of our new home just prior to our moving in. Lota was more determined to fight for our rights and was willing to do what it took for us to get our fair share. But my fiancé and I decided to move on and fortunately, after a few weeks, Lota helped us found a home more suited to our needs. Happily settled in our new home for the last two years now, we called on Lota again for help with an investment property. The process of getting this property was very tricky in so many ways. I am glad she is on my side!! We finally closed and needless to say I will definitely call her again if we know of anyone that will benefit from her excellent representation.

- W. Zhang


I have worked with Lota de Castro on multiple transactions. She helped us find and buy several investment properties and also managed the rental process for us. Working with Lota has been extremely productive and valuable. She is very responsive and available at pretty much any time of the day from what I experienced. She is also very knowledgeable of the specifics of the real estate market in the Bay Area and was able to provide us with very detailed advice neighborhood by neighborhood. She led all the negotiations with the sellers and with the financial institutions and her recommendations resulted in favorable terms for us. I strongly recommend Lota for any real estate needs, she is efficient, professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with!

- C. Begue


The agent who helped me buy this condo has moved to another city, so I needed a new agent to consult with. I emailed a few agents who has experience with the building, and Lota was the only person who responded immediately. We set up an appointment, and she spent a good amount of time answering my questions. She knows the market of the building and the neighborhood really well. After gathering all the information from Lota, I decided to rent the unit out, and she was tremendous. She did a great job of marketing and found tenants on the first weekend after putting it in the rental market. We got multiple applications from people with great credit.

I had to be out of town during all this time, including when the tenants were moving in, and she took good care of everything. When the market picks up and I decide to sell the unit, I will not think twice; I will have Lota be my agent.

- SJ Lee


Trying to buy a home in SF (or the Bay Area in general, for that matter) right now is like entering a war zone. You have to be equipped with the right tools. You have to have extensive knowledge about the battleground. You have to have a strategy that will give you the edge against the opponents. Lota will be your key wartime advisor, and will help you get the house you want.

Lota was recommended very highly from my friend who just bought a home through her. I was clueless about the home buying process, but Lota was able to explain to me all that I needed to know, and I was able to get an awesome place! She’s always responsive and answered my hundreds of questions immediately, and gave me great advice throughout the whole process. I could not be happier with the whole process, thanks to her!

- K. Omatsu


I met Lota at an open house at the Beacon near the Giants stadium in early 2008. Through her help, I bought an investment condo at the same building a few months later. Lota’s service did not end after she handed me the keys. Up to this date, she keeps a watchful eye at my investment and remains in contact with me about local market trends. When real estate values took a dive a few years back, Lota helped me with negotiating a reduction on my property taxes. She also helps in making sure that my investment continues to generate the most income and alerts me to potential issues that may affect my property. She is genuine in her ways and one can count on her sincerity and integrity. I definitely recommend her service to anyone that need a true partner that cares.

- E. Mok


In our home buying process, not only did we gain a great realtor but a very good friend! :) Lota was very fun, open-minded, and flexible to work with! She really took into consideration our preferences and requirements and found homes that met our needs. She was extremely dedicated and met with us anytime of the day and for as long as we had the energy to continue with our meetings/house hunt. Lota provided constructive feedback as well as being a great negotiator. She also spent a great deal of time explaining terminology and the massive amounts of paperwork to us. We felt very comfortable working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for an honest, energetic, and trusting realtor! We’re glad we were able to work with her on our first home purchase!! (And, of course, we’re looking forward to working with her in the future).

- J. Perlas


Lota helped me sell my condo and worked tirelessly to find the perfect house in San Francisco especially in such a crazy market! Met Lota through a referral from a friend who is also a repeat client of Lota’s which is also a testament to her service.

She was able to suggest ways to tidy, stage and present my condo for sale as well as coordinate with the photographer and create very professional brochures for the open house. She hosted all the open houses personally as well as met potential buyers by request and even helped with small things during a chaotic time such as deliver boxes so we could move things into storage. After a quick sale with great results she worked all hours to find a great house and prepared and presented numerous offers since it is such a hard market for buyers right now. She was able to offer great advice and was very responsive through all forms of communication during this time. Great realtor and would definitely use again in the future!

- Z. Zheng


A colleague of mine referred me to Lota, and I’m so glad he did!! I was looking for an apartment in San Francisco with a very specific set of requirements. Lota was able to very quickly find a set of awesome properties that matched my needs, and I ended up signing for a gorgeous apartment (my first choice within the set) only about a month after meeting her. Talk about efficiency!! Especially with the current state of the market here. She’s extremely responsive, super friendly, and she knows all the strings in this very competitive environment. I will *absolutely* get in touch with her again for anything real estate related in the area.

- M. Cornet


We were looking for a condo in San Francisco and a friend introduced us to Lota. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to work with. She took the time to figure out what we needed and came up with recommendations – actually, more than just recommendations, since she gave us details about the pros and cons of various options. As we were deciding how to proceed, she was constantly available to answer questions. She even went to the extent of checking out afternoon traffic around our two top choices. Once we made a selection, she negotiated with the seller well and suggested a number of changes or considerations to benefit us. We closed the transaction far faster than we expected. And even after the purchase was completed, she has continued to be a trusted informal advisor whenever we have questions. We have been delighted to work with Lota.

- R. Hartung



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